E-mail including a PDF in the main body of message

  sarah101 12:36 09 May 03

I'm not sure if this is possible but would be grateful if anyone could offer some help.

I have a piece of artwork (a background image with text on top) as a PDF file that I would like to include in the main body of an e-mail message rather than as an attachment. I've got Adobe Acrobat 4.0 and can open the PDF file but when I do 'Select All' and copy, the text is copied but not the image behind it. How can I get the entire contents into the e-mail?

Any ideas?

Many thanks

  _Treb_ 12:49 09 May 03

Try this, print the article then scan the print and save as a bitmap shold then be able to use as wallpaper in outlook express.

  _Treb_ 12:51 09 May 03

shold should be should shouldn't it

  VoG™ 12:57 09 May 03

1 In Acrobat Reader, select the graphics select tool. The cursor changes to the cross-hair icon.

2 Drag a rectangle around the graphic you want to copy.To deselect the graphic and start
over, click anywhere outside the selected graphic.

3 CTRL+C to copy the graphic to the Clipboard.

4 In e-mail, CTRL+V to paste in the image.

  _Treb_ 12:58 09 May 03

Just tried it. That will work I used a .bmp image in conjunction with the stationery wizard.

  sarah101 13:58 09 May 03

Thanks _Treb_ & VoG I'll give your suggestions a go and see how I get on.



  Tenner 14:59 09 May 03

I've pondered for months on that one, on and off, and now I know how ! Great !

( didn't ask here cos it was never of great consequence, I was just inquisitive )

The hours spent reading these threads pays off eventually.


  sarah101 17:18 09 May 03

I tried the graphics select tool first and it worked a treat. For some reason it wouldn't paste direct into the e-mail so I copied it via Word.

Thanks folks

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