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  chrisod 16:12 08 May 09

hello when i`m on my e-mail page (YAHOO) and i move my mouse cursor over parts of a page that you cant click on anything. next to the mouse cursor arrow is a swirling circle not had had it before any ideas how to get rid of it?


  chrisod 17:22 08 May 09


  Pineman100 17:41 08 May 09

I presume you're using Windows Vista?

The little revolving gizmo has replaced the hourglass as the symbol meaning "wait".

As to why you're getting it, there could be any number of reasons - a slow web page, an antivirus scan going on... the possibilities are endless.

If you're still worried by it, try to be a bit more specific in your description of exactly when it occurs. Then perhaps someone will be able to suggest a more precise explanation for it.

  chrisod 18:12 08 May 09

no i`m not running scans etc. it does it all the time i`m on the page only been doing it today. no matter how long i stay on the e-mail page it keeps swirling

  chrisod 16:13 09 May 09

its still doing it a day later and the pc was off over night, STRANGE

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