E-mail client fails to load- then comes up

  jack 09:33 08 Jul 10

with only one mail - instead of shedloads.

Client is ThunderBird.
This is set to automatic[continuously accepting mail]during the course of the day I can get 100 or mails- mostly Freecycle type of thing.
Which I continuously monitor and delete as I go- retaining personal and other stuff of interest,
Yesterday afternoon following a maintenance session,Thunderbird came up with message - failed passing password -POP3- my address-Store 35/80.
This happened repeatedly so I shut it down and resolved to have a look this morning.
This morning all was normal -Thunderbird delivered - but only one mail-
So the question is - Did a batch go AWOL?

  jack 17:24 08 Jul 10

Following the above I E-mailed ISP spport

They agreed that following maintenance work they had 'Issues' with mail platform.
Still don't know of course if any mails went missing.

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