e-mail arrives without a sender:

  Alan Ryan 16:25 06 Nov 03

Received an e-mail today with subject, "in reply to your enquiry" : the sender's identity was left blank. When I tried to add the message to my blocked senders list, OE informed me that the "selected sender could not be added to your blocked senders list".
Is this an e-mail scamster who has devised a way of resisting attempts to block his message(s) ?

  Jester2K II 16:29 06 Nov 03

Probably - just delete it.

  Alan Ryan 16:38 06 Nov 03

I have deleted it; but I was surprised to find it impossible to block the sender. I was under the impression that ANY sender could be added to the blocked list without OE altering your decision.

  dth 17:15 06 Nov 03

Some spammers are able to send email without any sender details. When you to try to block the sender - your system says 'sorry can't do - as there isn't one'.

  Alan Ryan 17:26 06 Nov 03

Thanks for your response: I didn't realise it is possible to send e-mails without having some identity of the sender included (even if it's a false one).

  Proxy Worm 17:29 06 Nov 03

I have had some like those in my account and my friend got a virus as they sent him a attchment about a prize (very silly of him ofcouse!). Just block them or delete them when it comes!

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