E-mail address....login not recognised

  rins36 21:56 27 May 03

within Talk21.com......hubby has tried to log in to this tonight & has failed

Can an e-mail become obselete?

  Djohn 22:06 27 May 03

type of connection then yes, think most ISP's state to keep the account active, use at least once a month. J.

  Djohn 22:08 27 May 03

at least once every 90 days. :o(

  jazzypop 22:09 27 May 03

"Having trouble logging on?

Are you using the correct username to login? It is the first part of your email address, before the "@" symbol. (do not type in @talk21.com)

Are you using the right password ? it is case sensitive, e.g. if your password is 'password', then 'Password' or "PASSWORD" will not work. Remember to check the Caps Lock light on your keyboard.

If you've forgotten your password it is possible to reset your password to a new one - to do this you will need the security information (eg mother's maiden name) which you entered when you originally created your account. To reset your password click here

Have you used your account recently ? The policy on talk21 is to remove your email account if it has been inactive for 90 days.

There may be a temporary system problem - call the service status recorded announcement free of charge - 0800 0285075"

Source - click here

  rins36 22:20 27 May 03


I think it is more than 90 days since he last used the account

  jazzypop 22:23 27 May 03

Time to create a new free account then :)

  rins36 22:29 27 May 03

Can the account not be reactivated?

Talk21 dont do @talk21 anymore

Oh well

  rins36 22:47 28 May 03

still not resolved

  jazzypop 22:52 28 May 03

How would you define 'resolved'?

The terms clearly state that an account that lies dormant for 90 days will be removed.

You state that the account was not used for more than 90 days.

Have you spoken to talk21?

Why is it so critical to reactivate that account?

If you know someone has emailed you on that account, ask them to re-send to your current email.

If you just want a free email account, search Google - there are hundreds of free email account providers.

I'm baffled.

  beeuuem 23:39 28 May 03

It appears that once the account lapses then that it is that.

What if I want my old Talk21 address back I haven't used for a long time?

Unfortunately, customers who have not accessed their Talk21 account for more than 90 days are no longer able to use their old Talk21 account again, as it expires. homepage at click here

I wonder if checking the account counts? I have rarely used my account but it is checked daily just in case there is mail.

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