E-mail addresses with Windows xp

  StuartF 12:58 08 Jul 03

I have Windows xp installed with four users. I thought that each user had a spearate e-mail address using Outlook Express until I found out last night that mail is being delivered - almost randomly - between the four separate in boxes in the four separate areas. How do I ensure that mail addressed to [email protected] (for instance) goes into x's in box in x's area?

  crx1600 13:36 08 Jul 03

with freeserve you only get 1 email account, in your case @y.freeserve.co.uk, regardless of what appears before the @, its the same email account.

if you have x@, y@ and z@ they are in fact the same account, and i dont think there is anyway to download from the server seperately.

freeserve's advice click here

it may be just as well, to set them up with hotmail accounts (or other freebie's) and set OE to check those.

  Lú-tzé 13:41 08 Jul 03
  StuartF 13:52 08 Jul 03

There is a way with xp to make sure that each user account gets access to its own e-mail rather than it going into a central inbox and then having to come up with a load of message rules to separate the e-mails.

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