E-Mail accounts on Broadband

  mike424 17:53 18 Mar 03

Have gone onto Freeserve Broadband. Have 3 user names 2 thro' Freeserve which are working fine and one thro'Lineone (Tiscali), which will not work despite a thorough check of all the settings. If I use the Tiscali (pay as you go) number I can receive my e-mail (although like others today it is painfully slow)All my mail comes to LineOne address and would like to keep it. Any ideas or is it just Tiscali playing silly b*****s today?

  he he :-)™ 18:05 18 Mar 03

u can't check ur mail from a different componys connection. Som 1 told me haw 2 do it once though but I never bothered. If u change email address it is difficult for the first few weeks then when u get everythin changed over it's all fine.

  Megatyte 18:09 18 Mar 03

I have numerous accounts (including Lineone) and I access them all through one dial up. There has been a problem with Lineone/Tiscali for a couple of days.


  he he :-)™ 18:23 18 Mar 03

oh I stand corrected.

  anchor 19:58 18 Mar 03

Like Megabite, I have various e-mail accounts, and can access almost all from my Pipex broadband connection. The exception is Freenetname. I can receive, but not send, on these accounts unless I actually connect to their service.

A useful site for also accessing your e-mails is:

click here

  mike424 23:22 18 Mar 03

I have been picking up lineone e-mail (my main address) through Freeserve Anytime for a long time so there is no reason why it should not work thro; Freeserve Broadband. It just won't, unless there is a long ongoing problem with Tiscali.
If I ever get through to the Broadband help line perhaps they will be able to help!?

  Megatyte 17:59 20 Mar 03

Have you tried your Lineone account through Freeserve in the past couple of days? Everything seems to be working again now.


  anchor 09:13 21 Mar 03

LineOne e-mail was unobtainable for some days. However, all is well now and you should be able to collect it without problem.

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