e-mail account (Not Verified)

  Paul R Murray 10:07 01 Dec 04

my e-mail account has the appendage not verified in msn messenger and in msn login account.
Customer services say I'll need to refer this will get back to you.
Guess what still waiting. Are there any bright sparks who may know the answer.

  ACOLYTE 11:13 01 Dec 04

When you use an email addy to register your net passport you it needs to be verified that its real addy,you should have received an email from messenger site with a link in it so you could click it and verify your email addy.If you have a hot-mail/msn addy this verifies at once so you must have used an addy other than msn/hotmail.

  Paul R Murray 11:20 01 Dec 04

I know the system should recoginse and authenticate address the links do not work when you try and verify account.
Net passport allows access and change details but will not verify account. A Glitch at MSN or microsoft and they are not talking about it.

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