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  User-178362 20:40 13 Sep 05

Could you please tell me how do I view my own email on someones eles PC

  VoG II 20:44 13 Sep 05

Who is your e-mail account with (Hotmail, Tiscali, BTYahoo, AOL, etc.)?

  iscanut 20:45 13 Sep 05

Unless you use a client such as GoogleMail or Hotmail, you cannot do so unless you set up all of your ISP details and email account details on another PC, just as you have done on your own PC.

  User-178362 20:51 13 Sep 05

I am with NTL. Now who has lost my address, no names mentioned.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:52 13 Sep 05

Many mail providers will allow you to access mail via the internet - what is called web based access.

If you post, as asked by VoG™, your mail provider / ISP, then someone can show you the way.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:54 13 Sep 05

click here for a look

  Diodorus Siculus 20:55 13 Sep 05

ntlworld.com webmail
click here

Enter your details

  User-178362 21:12 13 Sep 05

Thank you. My password doesn't seem to be working. I will have to have a rethink

  p;3 21:18 13 Sep 05

a word of caution if I may; if you are wishing to access your mail on someone else pc, you should ensure that you do NOT ask Windows to remember your username and password; the way you are trying to sort this is obvioulsy different to using Outlook express etc;

you are trying to do that which I have done for years with my web-based mail address;

what you will need to do is remember the URL of the log-in page so that you can put it into the address bar of the other computer, then follow through with your details and open your mails;dont forget though, that the mails will remain on server ; so, be careful what you ask the server to delete; you can send mails from server, but that also means that the mails you have sent from there are also not on your own pc :)

  VoG II 21:22 13 Sep 05

I confess - I lost your address. Well, I didn't lose it but I deleted your message. I only keep 'essential' e-mails, the rest get binned.

  p;3 21:55 13 Sep 05

if you are still having problems with this, although you may not read this as you are now not getting your mail notifications; would you like to start a fresh thread for help?

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