Dymo Label Printer

  Daiol 21 May 12

Good day to all,I have a Dymo 310 label printer had it for some time been working well must have printed thousands of labels. Now over the past few labels I have noticed that the print is not so good as its been,The question is.Is it the printer at fault or maybe the rolls of labels,Must say that I have had the stock of labels for some time bought from ebay some moons ago. Any help here please printer or maybe labels??. Many thanks in advance.

  wiz-king 21 May 12

You can use the head cleaning sheet that came with it - if you can find it! Or, just put a length of fairly stiff rough surfaced paper with some alcohol on through the machine. The labels last a long time but tend to loose their stickiness.

When we had lots of these printers I got adept at taking the heads off to clean but it is fiddly and the dot matrix head is sharp - I have cuts to the fingers to prove it. I now use Zebra label printers and print everything from Word, the later Dymos can only be used with DYmo labels an I wanted a size they dont do.

  Daiol 21 May 12

Thanks for reply,No I have no cleaning card had printer a very long time maybe 4 years,Did try a piece of card in though end product 'no joy'Text bit spoty. Regarding the 'Zebra label printers'Did have a look at them rather pricey printers you must use then for pro work. Thanks.

  wiz-king 21 May 12

I do a few labels -- about 500,000 a year -- but mainly only about 10 of any one type -- thats why we store them as Word docs!

  Daiol 21 May 12



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