A dying PC

  big erch 08:57 24 Mar 07

I have a 4 year old Medion, which is dying. I switch it on and the power LED flickers constantly, but just won't kick in to action. There must be power for the LED to work and you can hear the fan, but nothing else. Windows won't boot, there is nothing on the screen and there is no power to any of the drives. Any suggestions?

  2Xtreme_lives 09:02 24 Mar 07

Try a new PSU, or it could be a RAM problem. My old pc would't boot up and flickered as well but the reason it did't boot up was because the ram was faulty

  Ricktos 11:44 24 Mar 07

No power to ANY of the drives suggests that unless by coincidence the drives are both broken, there is something wrong with the Power Supply. If you have another computer, I would check the drives on that to see if they come or make a noise, just to make sure it ain't the drives. Do you get any beeps when you turn the old girl on?

  big erch 15:05 24 Mar 07

Thank you for your help so far.
There is no noise when switched on. One of the drives is fairly new and it would be an extreme coincidence if both went at the same time. But even if it were the drives, at least something would happen on screen, I would imagine. I will try the power supply route to see what happens. Thanks.

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