Dying IDE HDD - Change to SATA?

  onthelimit1 03 Jul 11

Advent PC with XP home. IDE is on the way out. MOBO has SATA socket. Plug in Maxtor SATA, PC won't boot. MOBO is a AGP 8X (at least, that's what the label says). No floppy drive. I assume this is a drivers problem with XP?

Any easy guide as to the way ahead, please?

  rdave13 03 Jul 11

Slipstreamed the sata drivers using the standard ones linked, slipstream drivers

Assuming mobo sees the hard drive.

  onthelimit1 03 Jul 11

What I want to do if poss, is to clone the old to new using the free Acronis that Seagate provide. Not sure how this works (as opposed to a slipstreamed fresh install).

  woodchip 03 Jul 11

When there are IDE and Sata for Hard Drives IDE take first place over Sata to boot from

  onthelimit1 03 Jul 11

Thanks woodchip. Plugged the SATA drive in and booted to the BIOS. Saw the new drive and the boot order was IDE, CD-ROM, SATA. Looked promising, so exited and boot up froze on the Windows screen. Not sure where to go now?

  onthelimit1 03 Jul 11

Might be getting somewhere - changed the SATA lead to the second socket on the MOBO. Booted into Windows OK - just waiting to see if the cloning tool works.

  rdave13 03 Jul 11

Have a look at this thread for cloning IDE to Sata. Look for neilslade's post (scroll down just a little bit) and look for the MAKE YOUR NEW SATA DRIVE BOOTABLE INTO WINDOWS heading.

Worth reading it all really.

Hope that helps. The AGP 8X label is for your graphics card slot.

  onthelimit1 03 Jul 11

Thanks rdave - will have a look at the link. i did wonder after posting if the AGP was Advanced Graphics (but couldn't see any other markings on the MOBO).

  onthelimit1 04 Jul 11

Hmm. Still got the problem of the PC freezing after Windows finishes booting. Any other thoughts?

  onthelimit1 05 Jul 11

Gave up and put another IDE in!

  T0SH 05 Jul 11

The answer to IDE drives having booting priority over SATA is to change BIOS setup to not detect any IDE drives

You will still be able to access the IDE drive storage from within windows

Cheers HC


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