A dying forum forum perhaps?

  KRONOS the First 05 Sep 12

Last post here before this thread was 7 hours ago. Very odd.

  sharpamat 05 Sep 12

Had no priblems today in posting to Win 8 section, so it may well be the fact that people were just not postin

  KRONOS the First 05 Sep 12


That is what I meant,we seem to be getting less and less posts but more and more single thread starters where the OP never seems to come back after starting his thread to answer any questions.

  woodchip 05 Sep 12

Blame Microsoft, they are making the OS as it does not Brake down. Things have changed a lot from Win 95 days

  wee eddie 05 Sep 12

I think that the addition of the word "Tech" to the Title, of some of the Forums, has been counter-productive.

It may have been logical in the minds of those that developed it but the word "Tech" maybe putting some potential Newbies off because they think that it may be too technical for them.

  compumac 05 Sep 12

I posted the same observation last night after it appeared that the latest postings were some four hours previously but my posting was seemingly not accepted/displayed. Posting back in the old days were almost continuous akin to having a conversation, replies were coming back almost as soon as you had posted the problem.

  woodchip 05 Sep 12

As to the time of your post's, not every body sits at there PC in the middle of the night

  KRONOS the First 05 Sep 12


I agree about the conversational aspect that once was and on rare occasions still does occur. It is very difficult so often here to help someone if they do not return to answer supplementary questions. Though I still visit I do not spend as much time as I used to do.

  KRONOS the First 05 Sep 12


What a great pity you did not trouble your self to read and understand my original post as I though it was pretty simple.Prior to my post the last one was some 7 hours earlier which would put the time around twenty past six in the evening. By no means the middle of the night.

  compumac 05 Sep 12

woodchip. My postings last night were about 8 o'clock.

  compumac 05 Sep 12

Further to the times of postings - back in the old days I would look at the forum at 8 o'clock in the morning and wonder at the numbers of people who had posted - seemingly in the middle of the night!


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