DVI-D to DVI-I Question - External Blu-Ray Player.

  CB1990 10:28 15 Jan 15

I am trying to get my Samsung Slim External Blu-ray Writer to play blu-rays on PC. Although the computer can now read them I cannot play them. The Cyberlink software with it asks for a HDMI (I don't have the inputs on the PC for cable)or a DVI cable.

My Monitor has a DVI-D input. My Tower has a DVI-I Input.

I can get an adapter that would change one input to the other and subsequently get that corresponding wire to connect the two together. However I am of the understanding that both the DVI-D and DVI-I wires do not carry audio although my speakers are plugged into my tower, so i am not sure if this matters?

However if I got a DVI-D to HDMI input adapter and a DVI-I to HDMI input adapter and stuck a HDMI cable between the two would this work?

Thanks, Chris.

  Carlos-2228439 08:29 21 Jan 15

Connect your Samsung Slim External Blu-ray Writer to computer and install Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player software, you can play Blu-ray Disc directly then.

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