DVDs wont play through projector

  stuj77 09:48 18 Jun 04

I have a Sanyo OHP and it works fine for Powerpoint etc. But when it comes to DVD's the screen is just blank. But if I mimimise it I get see the desktop but not the DVD itself. I have a PB easynote, and apparently if uyou press F3 abd Function it should work but ir isn't working. Can anyone help?


  stuj77 19:20 06 Oct 04

I sill dont have it working , if it helps mine is a PB Easynote c3 with 512ram and onboard graphics

Please could someone help me to sove the problem

  TDJ 20:27 06 Oct 04

Most new laptops will not output DVD content. It is viewable only on the laptop. Something to do with copyright protection. Big Brother takes control again !!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:53 06 Oct 04

DVDs copy protection stop them playing if TV out (projector) detected.

  TomJerry 23:48 06 Oct 04

but, all those programs are illegal to use in UK, USA, Germany etc etc.

useless comment, but it is late in night.

  paranomia 07:31 07 Oct 04

Had the same problem with my laptop - but I found that if your projector has a normal computer input (the 15 pin svga thingy!) DVDs play quite happily. The video/TV Out or svhs connections are blocked as the previous posters have already said. Hope that helps...

  stuj77 07:50 07 Oct 04

thanks for the help, but I don't understand why watching DVDs through a projector is illegal- i'm just watching then on a larger screen. I didn't quite understand the last message on how to bypass the protection thing. I have a port on the back of my computer with a picture of a tv on it, and to be honest don't have many more connections than that. The ohp is fixed to the ceiling with the wires coming through trunking so I only have the lead to connect to the port with the tv button .

  johnnyrocker 08:51 07 Oct 04

click here this is probably the solution depending on your graphics card, i had the same problem trying to view on tv til i used this, it has nothing to do with copyright as you would still see something even if macrovision is in use and the fact that you can see desktop means you do not have a connectivity problem.


  jack 08:52 07 Oct 04

Stuj your last suggests that you do not have complete control of what you do in terms of cable
lash ups, if this in not so and you can play around, take a look at Maplins catalogue to see what the praticalities are of making up a connector/cable lash up as suggested above.

  stuj77 11:02 07 Oct 04

The tv tool says I do not have a dedicated graphics card. Could this be my problem?

  paranomia 11:22 07 Oct 04

Sorry I am at work so I can't find a UK supplier of what you want but this would sort out the problem. click here Plug this unit into your computer monitor socket and plug the cables from your projector into the output of the unit. Bobs your auntie's nephews uncle... or something!

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