DVDs i record on my Panasinic

  nutty norm 11 Mar 12

DVDs i record on my Panasonic wont play on my computer, i wonder why. nutty norm

  rdave13 11 Mar 12

What OS?

  eedcam 11 Mar 12

commonest reason you have either not Finalised the disc (Panny does not do this automatically) or you have not made a dvd Video but and dvd vr . The first is easy stick it back in the recorder and finalise it the secon more of a problem.Check and let us know which it is

  nutty norm 11 Mar 12

Thanks for the response about the DVD not playable on my computer, I put it back on to the Panasonic dvd recorder and it just plays ok, but doesnt seem to be able to finalise it, ive done everything you say i put it back on my computer Windows XP Home edition, when trying to Play Nero Pops up and says cannot load skin, on the computer it says Video _TS and will not open, anythoughts please nutty norm

  eedcam 11 Mar 12

did you go into the menu on the paany and look for finalise .I seem to remeber it was under disc management or there abouts .Though videoTS is correct and as nero is pretty rubish I'd try windows media player or Get VLC player its free andVLC PLAYER better still


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