DVD+RW problem

  Miros 18:18 26 Dec 06

I have recently installed a new CD Rom drive, (HG H22N DVD+RW) It fails when I try to use it for copying data to a DVD disc, though I can use it for reading Cd's etc OK, It is my second writer the other only writes and reads Cd's but it is set as my primary drive while the new one is set as the slave drive. Would it be better to make the new DVD+RW the primary? would this solve the problem? And if I did this should I exchange positions of the two drives? i.e. move the new H22N DVD+RW up from the bottom slot to the top slot. Thanks for any help.

  Miros 18:40 26 Dec 06

Here is a copy of the DVD Writer with specifications, which go a bit over my head I'll admit.click here#

  James. 18:45 26 Dec 06

What software are you using to write to the DVD, is it a RW DVD if so have you formatted it.

  skidzy 18:47 26 Dec 06

As james has pointed out,what software Miros ?

Xp does not write to dvd only cd.

  Miros 19:00 26 Dec 06

Sorry I was away for a short while.
I'm using Nero.

"is it a RW DVD if so have you formatted it?"
I have DVD+R recordable, didn't know that I would havs to format them!

  Miros 19:02 26 Dec 06

havs = have.
Also in my original question I should have said master instead of primary!!

  skidzy 19:03 26 Dec 06

It could just be a case of a drive being fussy over what media it takes Miros,i currently have 2 systems that are fussy.

Can you try the dvd-r media and see how that goes.

  skidzy 19:04 26 Dec 06

Setting to master may well help.

  Miros 19:04 26 Dec 06

I have XP also does that mean I can't use it to write or copy to the DVD.

  skidzy 19:07 26 Dec 06

Xp will write to cd-r/cd-rw but not to dvd's you need burning software such as Nero/sonic/roxio etc.

  Miros 19:19 26 Dec 06

I have Nero 6 but it says it can't use this type of disc when I try to copy.

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