Dancingbrave 20:43 21 Sep 06

When burning data on a 4.7gb disc it only allows about 700mb and says its now a cd drive in explorer.
But changes have appeared on the bootup screen,after checking the memory these 3 lines have appeared in front of original lines.

auto -detect pri master atapi cd-rom
auto -detect pri slave atapi cd-rom
auto - detect 3rd master ide hard disk.

these were the original lines.

primary master cd/dvdw
primary slave cd-rw/dvd-rom
3rd master samsung hard disk.

settings must have changed but dont know how to get them back.

  skidzy 20:55 21 Sep 06

Not to sure if this will fix your problem click here

Have you rebuilt the system by any chance ?

This may be a Bios setting but im afraid im not to familiar with the Bios.

Of course if this has happened today or overnight for example,how about system restore.

  terryf 20:58 21 Sep 06

Try going to my computer>properties>hardware>device manager and un-install the device then re-boot

  Dancingbrave 21:07 21 Sep 06

not built myself,i did a system restore no luck,in device manager do you mean uninstall the dvdrw drive if so what will happen next.it only happend today.

  skidzy 21:10 21 Sep 06

Yes that is what terryf means and reboot,xp will load the drivers.

You might want to scan for any hardware changes first.

  Dancingbrave 21:13 21 Sep 06

i have scanned for hardware changes nothing happend
does it save a file you can view.

  De Marcus™ 21:22 21 Sep 06

I think skidzy meant that you should scan for hardware changes AFTER the uninstall. However, I'd recommend rebooting and allowing XP to do it's thing and find them itself after the reboot.

Essentially, uninstall the drive, reboot, allow XP to reinstall the drive (it will do this automatically without input from yourself) and see how it goes.

  Dancingbrave 21:56 21 Sep 06

I will uninstall like you say, hope it does not change any other settings.

  De Marcus™ 22:00 21 Sep 06

no, it won't.

  skidzy 22:01 21 Sep 06

As De Marcus™ and Terryf suggests,uninstall the drive/reboot and let xp reinstall the drivers.

If in any doubt,create a restore point first.

Yes De Marcus™ you are quite right:

"I think skidzy meant that you should scan for hardware changes AFTER the uninstall".

  Dancingbrave 22:02 21 Sep 06


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