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  Smokeyone 10:53 14 Aug 05

Can anyone assist please. I have a HP notebook with a HL DT ST RW/DVD GCC 4241N dvd. This goes with Roxio east cd & dvd creator. What ever I try I always end up with the message Please Insert Disc even though the disc is inserted. The discs are HP dvd/rw 4.7gb. Any ideas please and have I missed the obvious.


PS The dvd plays audio & movies fine.

  dave_and_confused 10:56 14 Aug 05

Have you tried another brand?

Have you made the same simple mistake i once made and put the disc in upside down? ;-)

How old / new is the notebook?

  pj123 12:11 14 Aug 05

I believe that what you have is a CD/RW DVD rom combo

That means it will only write to CD but will play DVDs.

click here

  Baslla321 12:35 14 Aug 05

I have exactly the same thing. I have a Dell Dimension 4600 Win Xp with a CR/RW DVD Combo. It only writes to CD but plays DVD.

  Smokeyone 19:56 14 Aug 05

Thanks for the help. I'll invest in some cd/rw discs instead. I don't suppose it would make sense to invest in a self contained dvd/rw drive would it..........


  Completealias 20:06 14 Aug 05

You could pick up an external dvd writer if you wished too I recently brought an internal dvd writer for my tower and am wondering how I did without it all my documents fit on one disk now.

  Totally-braindead 20:34 14 Aug 05

Smokeyone if its for backing up information I wouldn't use CDRW disks, CDRs are now so cheap that its much easier to use them, create a multisession disk and keep adding till its full. CDRW disks are not as stable as CDRs and they won't burn as fast. If you really want a DVD writer then yes you could buy an external drive or if its for backups you may even care to consider a external hard drive.

  Smokeyone 06:42 15 Aug 05

Have you any suggestions for an external hd as then I could use it on both the notebook and pc.

  pj123 15:06 15 Aug 05

Check out: click here

There are two types, Firewire and USB. If you don't have Firewire then go for USB.

  Smokeyone 20:03 15 Aug 05

Thanks very much for all the help.


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