Daveboy 17:08 29 Oct 07

Right guys, her indoors wants me to back up all our old home VHS tapes to DVD, I reckon I'll need 100 at least. Rather than waste hours/money on finding a worthy product I,m guessing some of you have already done this, so what make/type of DVD R do you reccommend?

  Totally-braindead 17:33 29 Oct 07

I tend to use -R rather than +R because I was told that the - ones run on more DVD players. Not sure if this is the case but everything I have done on -R has run on any DVD player so far.
Personally I find Infiniti to be rather good. I've got some Datawrite ones just now and I suppose they are ok but despite them being listed as 16 speed I've had to drop them to 8 speed or they fail so probably they aren't as good quality as the Infiniti ones.
I think I'll go back to the Infiniti ones when I finish these.

  postie24 18:14 29 Oct 07

I found that with the Datawrite ones too.
Daveboy,yes go for -r more dvd players tend to use that format.
I use these,ive never had a burn failure with them
click here

  eedcam 23:01 29 Oct 07

As said -R's something like Verbatim .Also bear in mind you are looking at 2 hours max per dvd for reasonable quality

  Daveboy 21:24 02 Nov 07

Thanks for the input

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