DVD/Cd writer wont reckognise cd

  Daiol 17:24 03 Nov 06

Hi,can anyone come up with an answer to this,All of a sudden my DVD/Cd writer wont reckognise cd disc audio nor blank ones,It will reckognise dvd okay but not cd,I have done a system restore but no joy i'm using windows xp pro and nero,cdxpro,& windows media player cant burn cd's.Any thoughts upon this please.Tanx in advance.

  GaT7 18:21 03 Nov 06

It appears the drive's CD laser has stopped working. Your best option is to buy another drive.

What's the drive's make & model number by the way? G

  jimv7 18:32 03 Nov 06

Same as my dvd writer, will not read or write to cd's, but the dvd side is ok, I am in the process of returning it.

  Daiol 20:16 03 Nov 06

Crossbow7 & jimv7.Thanks for your reply the drive make and model is:- NECDVD_RWND-3540A DVD.CD-R.tHANKS FOR YOUR HELP.

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