DVD/CD-R backup read only ?

  keewaa 13:29 22 Apr 06

When I backup info by writing to CD or DVD the files seem to become read only format. That's OK on the disc but when copied back onto the computer (say after a re-install) they are still read only and have to be changed.

Is there any easy way to avoid this problem and allow them to be the same as the original, fully accessible and editable when copied back to the computer ? Thanks.

  The Old Mod 13:42 22 Apr 06

Right click on the file/files after you have saved them, right click on properties, uncheck read only.

  keewaa 15:24 22 Apr 06

Yep, but I've got thousands of them in many different folders.

  remind 15:27 22 Apr 06

Select all with Ctrl-A and do it, or select the folder. They will always be marked read-only when you write them to CD, there's no way round it.

  Jackcoms 15:34 22 Apr 06

Alternatively back up to a USB pen drive. Your files will remain as 'normal' read/write.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 15:41 22 Apr 06

Or this click here

  keewaa 16:43 22 Apr 06

Thanks for those.

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