dvd/cd drive

  dhg 10:28 02 Jan 08

Before I try to resolve my wmm dvd burning problems, a query. device manager says I have a (philips dv dr1628p1 dvd/cd-rom) installed. The info on front of drive says (dvd r/rw dvd+r dl)
help please, thanks

  Taff™ 10:36 02 Jan 08

Ignore what the device manager says it is a dual layer Rewriter. Device Manager often doesn`t give a full description of optical drives. It`s this model click here

  dhg 10:51 02 Jan 08

thanks Taff, Picture does not look exactly the same also not marked -r

  Stuartli 13:02 02 Jan 08

The Device Manager merely recognises an optical drive whatever its type and (normally) lists the exact model - all that is required is the basic Windows CDROM driver, which is installed automatically.

The rewriter's function is controlled by burning software such as Nero.

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