DVD Writers

  Gary 23:35 06 Oct 03

I am looking at getting a DVD Rewriter drive and have seen the LG-GSA-4040B. Does anyone have any experience of using this drive?

Also, how long is it likely to be before blue laser technology is employed in consumer drives?



  woodchip 23:41 06 Oct 03

Why do you need the DVDW do you do Video editing, PS they are coming cheaper all the time just like CDRW did. plus you will be waiting a long while for blue CDRW. JUST THINK OF THE PRICE OF THAT wow

  Gary 23:48 06 Oct 03

I don't do Video Editing atm, although am thinking of buying a DV-camera soon so that is one consideration. At the moment, I'd be using it mainly for backing files up. I use my PC for design and publishing work as well as digital photography so I have to work with lots of large files. My digital camera's memory card is bigger than a CD, so recordable DVD seems like the perfect storage solution.

  woodchip 23:52 06 Oct 03

I dout your digital camera's memory card will hold 700mb I have only seen them go to about 128mb

  Gary 08:38 07 Oct 03

I have a 1Gb (1000Mb) IBM Microdrive memory card in my digital camera.

  the don 15:29 07 Oct 03

I've got an LG 4040b (£130 at DABS) and it seems pretty good (although my PC has blue screened several times since, but this is more to do with my PC than the drive - I think!).

Unless you need to cover all formats (DVD RAM is good for video work / incremental backups etc but slow) - you may be better off with one of the faster +R/RW & -R/RW only drives available from other manufacturers.

The latest batch of magazines seem to have done a couple of group tests - LG wins most as all formats covered, rather than performance.

Final point, the free s/w with the 4040b is awfull, I bought Nero6 (which is really good) - but that effectively made the price for the unit £170. Other drives (like the Sony) come with better software.

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