DVD Writer problem

  SonnyB 22:20 27 May 07

I have an Advent dual core 2 laptop which I purchased in January. I use it fairly regularly to write dvd's but for some reason it has stopped working. It plays discs fine and the burn/write dialog indicates it is burning discs but when I play them back there is nothing on them. Any ideas please? Should I try a lens cleaner etc?
Any help appreciated.

  postie24 23:51 27 May 07

Dont think its a dirty lens or you would have trouble playing them aswell.
What burning software are you using?

  Strawballs 23:53 27 May 07

As you only got it in January I would take it back, sounds like a problem with the DVD burner it's self

  SonnyB 00:19 28 May 07

I just tried a lens cleaner then tried to copy a different disc and it worked. I then tried to copy the disc I needed and it failed! I am using DVDShrink and/or CloneDVD. Both have worked fine in the past. The fact that it copied after a clean has really puzzled me though.

  Sparkly 08:09 28 May 07

I had a similar problem with DVD Shink went over to decrypter and it sorted itself out (dont know why) allso which make of CloneDVD are you useing and version i now use use AnyDVD/CloneDVD they work well together.
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  SonnyB 08:17 28 May 07

I too am using clonedvd with anydvd.

  SonnyB 08:25 28 May 07

Sorry, I am using CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD.

  Abi-Moore 08:28 28 May 07

it sounds like that particular dvd, if it worked on the other one that was tried after using the lens cleaner
forums link for slysoft
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  postie24 13:58 28 May 07

Delete clone and anydvd and reinstall,see if that works.
Remember to save existing registration info if you have purchased the software,will give you this option when uninstalling

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