DVD Writer install advice

  Skeletor 14:08 17 Apr 04

Hi all,

I'm thinking about replacing my CD writer for a DVD writer (NEC 2500) Is this a simple operation? I've done a Google search for advice, but can't really find anything about swapping drives.

Any advice or recommended sites appreciated.


  Big Elf 14:15 17 Apr 04

Dead easy, I've just fitted that model to PC. Set the jumpers to master or slave as appropriate and after removing the CD writer (probably have to remove a few screws) slide it into place and connect the IDE and power cables.

You may need to update your burning software to write to DVDs. I had to update Nero 5.5 to version 6 and it works like a dream.

  struggle8 14:16 17 Apr 04

yes easy as pi
turn pc off open pc slide dvd drive into drive bay connect ide cable set drive as slave if you already have another drive installed secure drive with screws on pc chassis close pc then hope windows recognises drive install software and whay hay away you go

  Stuartli 14:27 17 Apr 04

If you have a DVD rewriter (or CD-RW version) and a CD/DVD-ROM drive, the rewriter should be set as Master and the CD/DVD-ROM drive as Slave.

Just use the rewriter for burning only and the basic drive for software installation, audio etc - you will extend the rewriter's lifespan considerably.

  Skeletor 15:02 17 Apr 04

Thanks Big Elf, struggle8 and Stuartli,

I think you've pretty much explained it all.

As Stuartli says, I intend to keep a DVD rom drive and add a DVD rewriter.

Thanks again

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