DVD writer drive problems! Any ideas?

  joelmb 13:27 26 Apr 05

I have the LG GSA4163B DVD-RW/RAM/cd-rw drive running on Win XP sp2, which has been working for the last month since bought without any problems. However today when trying to backup files I started getting burn failures with 'PMA update failure' appearing in the progress monitor in Nero 6.

I thought it might just be the DVD-RW disc I was using was faulty so tried another and the same has happened. I don't want to keep wasting discs so can anyone tell me why I am suddenly experiencing this fault?

Going to try updating the drive's firmware later to see if this might help. But if anyone has encountered this I'd be interested to know what you found out!

  Noelg23 13:32 26 Apr 05

maybe try updating Nero...you said you tried another drive and it happened with that...so could be Nero really...have you tried another disc?

  joelmb 13:48 26 Apr 05

I'm loathed to try / waste further discs in case its something people know is a fault with the drive or with nero first. will move onto that stage if nothing comes of the firmware update. i'll try burning with roxio, and try with different media...

  TomJerry 14:26 26 Apr 05

so you can use again

  joelmb 14:39 26 Apr 05

Yes I am using RW media. Unfortunately though on trying to delete the disk that failed using Nero it all froze. am now trying using roxio though.

  SEASHANTY 15:04 26 Apr 05

Of the two systems I must admit that I prefer Roxio Media Creator 7 (with its 120MB update) to Nero6 Suite with its massive four separate updates to Nero Reloaded. I put a 229 Pic slideshow on SVCD using Roxio and it has done this using MPEG2 files. I tried this with Roxio and it will only use .png files. The two suites are in different PC's but I have just about given up with Nero. Incidentally the PC with Roxio also uses the LG GSA 4163. Can you not use DVD-RAM discs for your backup?

  Chegs ® 16:32 26 Apr 05

I to had a sudden run of burn failures with Nero.I tried several newer versions of Nero,added new WINASPI.DLL,new "accepted" DVD-R's,every firmware about on the net for my Pioneer writer,several other burning apps and nothing seemed to get it to burn right.I gave up on it and bought a new DVD/RW,and stuffed the Pioneer on a Linux PC.Using the linux DVD/CD burning app,the Pioneer has resumed "normal" service(eg:I only get a couple of failures)DVD RW discs that Nero refused to recognise under windows,have been used in the linux box successfully.

  joelmb 18:00 26 Apr 05

I updated the burner's firmware, wiped the cd-rw, which took some time using roxio but nero wouldnt do it, and roxio was then able to burn to that disc successfully, and these posts seem to concur, that the problem must have been with roxio. a shame as ive always liked using nero. but i'll just have to get used to roxio i suppose!

thanks for all the replies!

  SEASHANTY 20:03 26 Apr 05

mistake in the above posting of mine. It should read I tried making the same slideshow with NERO Reloaded but it would only do this using .png files etcetera.

  joelmb 00:48 28 Apr 05

I did wonder about that! Cheers.

  SEASHANTY 12:13 28 Apr 05

I'll post the link again as to why DVD-RAM discs are better for backups rather than DVD-RW/DVD+RW
click here and also the cheapest outlet for DVD-RAM discs which is Blankdiscshop click here
They are also available from Argos Catalogue shops for £12-99 pack of five (Panasonic make).

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