DVD will not play

  Hetti 13:03 12 Nov 07

I cannot play DVD I got with family tree software, other DVDs play OK.
Win XP sp2
IE 7

  mymate 13:26 12 Nov 07

Download this little player and see if it plays your dvd.

click here

  Hetti 14:09 12 Nov 07

I downloaded VLC media player and also DVDfab HD decrypter but I still cannot plat it, The DVD now shows as a folder on my PC (documents)when I put disc in drive.In DVD Decrypter the software trys to copy the DVD.
In the navigation pane there is a window saying "path player must be enabled" but it is greyed out. Im probabley doing somthing wrong but will be gratefull to get this sorted.

  Hetti 14:34 12 Nov 07

PS I just tried again im now gettin "Unable to open DVD://D" .
I have now enabled path player but makes no difference.

  Hetti 15:23 12 Nov 07

I have checked my win media player and I find it has no MPEG-2 decoders, where can I get these?

  mymate 16:25 12 Nov 07

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