DVD video??

  rickf 11:45 31 Jan 08

Is DVD video mpeg 1, 2 or 4? Thanks

  pj123 12:05 31 Jan 08

None of those, it is generally vob.

  David4637 12:29 31 Jan 08

Its MPEG2 formated into VOBs

  rickf 13:49 31 Jan 08

Thanks for the quick replies. Why can't I burn the vob files onto a dvd disc then using Nero?

  eedcam 13:59 31 Jan 08

Are you starting with a Video_ts folder

  rickf 14:07 31 Jan 08

Hi Yes Video_ts

  eedcam 14:10 31 Jan 08

Ok and you are using nero ? vision express or what

  rickf 14:23 31 Jan 08

Just done it. Although Nero reported that the resulting disc might not play properly, its playing OK! Thanks

  eedcam 14:30 31 Jan 08


  David4637 09:58 01 Feb 08

Make sure you also have a folder on the DVD called AUDIO_TS, otherwise many DVD Players won't play it. David

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