DVD stuck in CD drive

  glo1 08:52 11 May 05

Please can you help a PC novice. I have a DVD stuck in the CD drive! The driver is permanently trying to read it. It won't eject, it won't play. What can I do?

  Graham ® 09:01 11 May 05

Right click on the drive in My Computer and select Eject to start with.

  pj123 10:34 11 May 05

If Graham ® suggestion doesn't work try this.

There should be a small "pinhole" on the front of the CD drive. Straighten out a paperclip. Switch off your computer. Push the paperclip gently into the pinhole and the drawer should open slightly. Pull it open (again gently), remove the disk and push the drawer closed again. Restart your computer.

  scotty 10:42 11 May 05

Or try pressing the eject button as you power-up the computer, before Windows has loaded.

  Gongoozler 10:43 11 May 05

Also worth a try: Open Windows Explorer. Look for any folders named Recent and delete the contents.
Also if you have Nero InCD or any other packet writing application, this can take control of your CD drives, and really is more trouble than worth, so uninstalling or disabling this could help.

  pj123 11:12 11 May 05

Note: If it is only a CD drive you have, remember not to put DVDs in it, otherwise you will end up in the same situation again.

  glo1 13:40 11 May 05

Thanks to you all for the suggestions. The good old paperclip did the trick. Thanks again.

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