DVD Sound

  jim63 18:40 28 Sep 10

I have posted this problem on dvd sites but getting no replies so posted it on here as I get a lot of help here with pc.
""The sound on SD290EKB DVD Player is poor. I have to put the volume on tv very high. Is it this type of dvd player""

  Woolwell 18:49 28 Sep 10
  Woolwell 18:50 28 Sep 10

Apologies for the link. It should have been to page 21 of the manual.

  robin_x 18:51 28 Sep 10

Check SCART Cables do not have any bent or missing pins and are pushed fully home.

A quick scan of specs is unclear on surround sound and whether it has it or not.

Anyway check you haven't setup wrong.

I am not a surround sound expert so cannot comment further, but wrong volumes rings a bell.

  hastelloy 20:15 28 Sep 10

I suspect robinofloxley's suggestion is a good starting point. I recently recorded a programme through a STB and the recording had no sound at all. On investigating I discovered that the STB was giving zero sound until I pressed the scart plug firmly in. Then all was well.

  jim63 20:22 28 Sep 10

night mode is off and scart seems okay

  eedcam 22:01 28 Sep 10

What are you connecting to just the tv ? its meant to output audio via co axial to a surround amp

  jim63 02:58 29 Sep 10

eedcam,not much use at this would you be able to give me diagram of what I need.

  eedcam 05:42 29 Sep 10

Jim63 how and what are you connected to I mean are you just connected to a tv idf so scart is all you have or do you also have a surround sound system

  jim63 08:18 29 Sep 10

Just gold plated scart straight to tv

  eedcam 08:36 29 Sep 10

Ok then you need to check your Players manual for audio settings as you may need to set it for basic stereo or some kind of mixdown.\as you cannot put dolby surround through the scart .Also onthe dvd itself have you tried selecting Stereoas opposed to the surround options You might also check in your TV manual whether you can set levels for different inputs thats there to save having to change volume everytime you go from direct tv to any other input

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