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  The Teacher 03 Jun 11

I have software for burning dvds but have read somewhere that there is software available for linking individual clips into one file, e.g. 5 video files linked seamlessly to make one file.

Does anyone know where I can get this from?


The Teacher

  Terry Brown 03 Jun 11

The program I use is Videoredo at link text

1: http://www.videoredo.com/"Videoredo". This is not a free program although there is a 15 day unrestricted trial period

This is NOT a video burning program, but a program to edit and join MPEG or VOB (from a DVD) files. It s not suitable for RAW data (AVI), for that you will need a program like Nero or Ulead studio

  The Teacher 03 Jun 11

Could I do the same thing on Power Producer? I have it installed but never used it.

Thanks for the above, will take a look.

The Teacher

  Terry Brown 03 Jun 11

I don't know what happeneed but wrong link, try this one link text


  eedcam 03 Jun 11

What you mean Terry videoredo is not a video burning programme! of course it is] Teacher if they are in avi format just use windows movie maker .If the are alreadt mpeg say on a dvd or in anIso image or video_ts folder then dvd shrink which is free will cut and join link text

  Terry Brown 04 Jun 11


There are two versions of Videoredo, one is a straight video editing software program and the other (more expensive) is videoediting and burning software package.

As the teacher already had DVD burning software, there is no point in buying another DVD burner.


  eedcam 04 Jun 11

yes Terry but as you just said Video re do. granted he wont need the burning part of the Plus version though unless its for a one off session only whereby the trial would be ok.It would not be worth buying for just combining clips.For full and regular editng of Mpg movies /recordings and removing adverts though it is brilliant


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