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  QuickHare 21:47 12 Nov 05

Hi. I've done a search of the forum, but nothing seems to answer this little quibble...

I have quite a few photos. Ok, a lot. I wish to create a slideshow on a DVD of them which will play as a DVD (not a VCD). Now I have two options, I think. The first is to create a movie file which is burned onto a DVD in the usual way. This is simple to do and I can achieve this easily.

The second is one I'd prefer. I want to somehow get the photos onto the disc as files and use a bit of DVD software-type thing to show the photos sequentially using the left and right buttons on the remote control. I know most DVD players can show photo files by dropping JPEGs onto a data disc and simply popping that in, but I want to use a 'program' to do this for all players.

It's the type of thing you see when you go into a photo gallery or production photos on your extras disc on a popular movie DVD, so I know it is possible.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  De Marcus™ 22:17 12 Nov 05
  QuickHare 22:25 12 Nov 05

It has some nice sales talk, but doesn't say if it creates a movie or allows you to save the pictures on the disc as images and then display them one after the other using the left and right buttons.

  De Marcus™ 22:35 12 Nov 05

That's an impossible question to answer without experimentation, each and every DVD player is different in the way it reads your DVD's. For example one of my dvd players will only play properly formatted DVD or vcd's (i.e. with menu's, navigation structures, etc), my other dvd player will play almost anything, including a picture data DVD disk, with which I can navigate the folders using my remote.

The link I gave is for software that you have to pay for, eventually, there are free alternatives out there that can do what your after, but will only reveal their true potential after you've experimented to see what will work with your player.

  QuickHare 22:47 12 Nov 05

Fair enough. The problem is not to create a disc that will work with my particular player, but one that will be used for a few unknown ones. I will not be the only person playing the disc, and my player is able to read data DVDs with JPEGs chucked on them. As I do not know what players the other people have, I cannot just create a disc that _probably_ will work on their players, sadly.

The route I'm wishing to go down is that of creating an actual DVD disc with a good piece of software. I am willing to pay reasonable prices for this, as long as it does a good job at what I wish it to do.

  De Marcus™ 22:50 12 Nov 05

In that case you should consider parting with your hard earned for nero 7, I've recently upgraded to this in the last few days and must say I'm very impressed, see click here for details.

  Bagsey 00:10 13 Nov 05

Try DVD Pixplay if you want to create slideshows. It will burn DVD. Svcd.vcd etc. It is cheap and easy to use.It has masses of transitions and can play background music.

  €dstowe 07:43 13 Nov 05

If you fill a DVD with still pictures which you intend to display as a slide show, the sheer number of images (potentially hundreds of thousands) will have your audience fast asleep way, way before the end.

Are you sure you want to entrust that many pictures on to one DVD?

  flobby 10:29 13 Nov 05

Hi Quick Hare,
I use Roxio Easy media creator basic DVD,
I put all my pictures on a dvd using this slideshow package.
It will work on any dvd player as you have burnt it to a dvd not a vcd.
It allows you to add music and the transitions from one picture to the next make the viewing better without people going to sleep,
Hope this helps.

  QuickHare 17:50 13 Nov 05

Yup, I'm sure. There are plenty of photos, but I have been asked to do this, and the idea is to put them into chapters to help segment them. That way the audiences will not have to sit through them all at once.

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