DVD RW erase problem

  SAH 23:54 24 Mar 05

I'm trying to erase a DVD RW disk using NERO but it keeps telling me that the current recorder cannot erase CD RW! This is really frustrating as it's a DVD RW that I've got in the DVD recorder drive. (NEC 3520) Can anyone help me please???

  kspatto 00:07 25 Mar 05

make sure that you have changed the recorder option at the top right of the recording window(there is a small blue arrow)it wont always change to the correct format for you

ken patto

  SAH 00:12 25 Mar 05

Thanks Ken, I did try that earlier on but with no luck. Maybe I'll have to give up on NERO and find another way of erasing the disc...

  BRYNIT 00:42 25 Mar 05

Try open Nero Express at bottom click on more click on erase disc, then click erase.

Could be a faulty disc

  SAH 09:59 25 Mar 05

Thanks for that Brynit - that's exactly what I was trying, but with no luck...the discs I'm using are TDK DVD+RW, maybe I'll try another disc just to check the one I'm using isn't faulty, as you suggested, or failing that another brand......

  BRYNIT 10:37 25 Mar 05

TDK disks are reliable and are listed as compatible. Have you checked for Nero updates.

Or if you have InCD on your computer try this to format the disk, if this works you can drag and drop doc's etc onto disk. Or once formated go to erase disk and it should be empty and be used like a DVD+R disk again.

  SAH 11:07 25 Mar 05

I formatted the disc using InCD and then erased it, seems to be blank now. It does seem a long winded way of erasing a disc, but as long as it works who am I to complain. Thanks Brynit, you're a star!

  BRYNIT 11:58 25 Mar 05

Glad to be of help. I have found that CD-RW/DVD-RW disks can be temperamental. I have one disk that has been formated and i can drag/drop files onto it or del files but I get an error message when trying to reformat disk.

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