Southernboy 15:06 02 Jun 05

My new PC has a DVD writer. I went to buy some DVD rewritable discs yesterday and was asked what type of DVD drive I have - DVD-RW or DVD+RW. I had no idea.

Looked at the front of the drive which has DVD R/RW ( no plus or minus signs) and DVD+ ReWritable, side by side.

Apparently, the discs are interchangeable for reading, but you need the right disc for writing. How can I find out what kind of DVD drive I have, please?

  ACOLYTE 15:13 02 Jun 05

Post the name of your DVD burner we may be able to look it up,but i would have thought it was + type.

  TomJerry 15:58 02 Jun 05

then you can find spec from maker's web site

  BRYNIT 16:42 02 Jun 05

If you have Nero installed. Look in the Nero toolkit folder you will find a program called Nero infotool, this will tell you if your DVD burner will burn to DVD+/-R discs

  DieSse 17:18 02 Jun 05

Most current DVD drives will write and read both types (and DVD+R and DVD-R too).

  Southernboy 13:54 03 Jun 05

with my new Evesham last February. How do I ascertain the name of the maker and the model? There is no clue on the front of the tray.

The burning software that came bundled is Pinnacle, which works very well with a CDR. It is quick and easy to use for backing up data, which suits a novice like me very well. So far, I have only made data CDs as I only use the PC for office-type tasks and writing magazine articles.

  TomJerry 15:56 03 Jun 05
  Southernboy 20:39 03 Jun 05

My home computer has no internet connection.

  TomJerry 21:05 03 Jun 05

you can download and copy to a floppy

  Southernboy 16:31 06 Jun 05

Apparently, my drive will use both DVD-RW and DVD+RW, so query solved, it would seem.

  BT 09:47 07 Jun 05

While either type of disc will perform similarly, the main difference is in the formatting. DVD-RW will need to be fully formatted before use, whereas DVD+RW will do a short format and be useable within a couple of minutes and the formatting will carry on in the background. Even if you shut down before formatting is complete it will continue next time you insert the disc. As far as I am concerned DVD+RW is the way to go.

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