DVD RW drive wont burn CDR/CDRW!

  Chirag 17:46 14 Sep 06

My DVDRW Drive has suddenly stopped burning blank CDR/CDRWs, it can burn DVDr and DVDRW but not CDR/CDRW, I ran nero burning to create a data cd but it just said there is no cd in the drive when I have put the CDR in there! It burned everything before, I tried the CDR on my laptop to check if it isn't faulty, but it works perfectly fine on my laptop. I would appreciate it if someone could help please, thanks.

  Stuartli 17:49 14 Sep 06

Could be that the CD laser has gone kaput.

  Chirag 17:49 14 Sep 06

The model of my DVDRW drive is LG GSA-4163B

  skidzy 17:50 14 Sep 06

Try this: Start/My Computer/Right Click on the cd/dvd drive and select properties/Recording/Tick enable cd recording on this drive.

If no joy,post back

  Chirag 17:54 14 Sep 06

It is already ticked, no luck still :( please help

  Eric10 17:59 14 Sep 06

I agree with Stuartli. A DVD burner has two lasers, one for DVD and one for CD. It would appear that the CD laser has gone faulty so the drive will need to be replaced.

  Chirag 18:00 14 Sep 06

Isn't there any other way to fix this problem? Is it really the laser?

  The Old Mod 18:05 14 Sep 06

Hi, I would think that the cd laser has gone,as Stuartli says.

  Chirag 18:21 14 Sep 06

thnx 2 everyone who helped, really appreciated

  skidzy 18:24 14 Sep 06

Have you tried burning a cd via Media Player,this will account for Nero possibly being corrupt.

However its sounding more likely of the above (laser has died,im afraid).

  Stuartli 19:13 14 Sep 06

A new DVD rewriter can be had for less than £20 if you do a little searching - CD rewriters are now under a tenner...:-)

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