podlod 07:47 20 Aug 10

Hi, I have photos each week to back up but every-time I back up on a DVD RW with 4.7gb I have to erase everything I have that is existing on the disc before it will do so. Is there a way where I can add more photos to the disc or add new info instead of erasing constantly?

  eedcam 08:17 20 Aug 10

You need to burn as a multi session disc then you can add each time .If your existing software doed not do this then try Deep burner its free.You choose Multi session at the staert then you can append the new files as and when
click here

  podlod 10:38 20 Aug 10

Hi Eedcam, thanks for the help, I have downloaded the software and will give it a try, let you know how I get on or need more help, thank you.

  Confab 12:28 20 Aug 10

Be careful when using RW’s. They are notorious at failing without notice so make sure you back up your files. You could also use something like NERO InCD click here which allows you to use a DVD like a big floppy drive (or a small Hard drive). You’ll be able to drag and drop files or delete and save at will.

  eedcam 19:04 20 Aug 10

But you do not need to use RW's to make aMulti session disc

  robin_x 12:07 21 Aug 10

Backup is an awful pain, but it has to be done.

Optical discs WILL get scratched, even when protected and in a drawer. Trust me.

Really you should get an ext HDD.

And if you have 2 laptops or pcs in the house, you ca make copies of your important files from one to the other.

If you are not shared/networked you can do it with a flash card/stick.

Personally I use Sandisk microoSD cards with USB adapter. 8GB is affordable or 4GB. Supermakets sell them, but a little expensive.

Old link here. And remember that flash cards 'fade' over time, so they should only be trusted for a year or two until you rewrite them.

click here

"Backups do not exist until they are written to three places"

  john bunyan 12:22 21 Aug 10

I use a second internal HD and an external HD to back up photos and music. I agree with robinofloxley re usb HD being easier than DVD and maybe cheaper in the long run. For DVD, does your burner allow DVD RAM ? A lot easier than RW - Google to see why. Quite cheap to buy a multi format player/ burner that allows RAM discs.

  podlod 07:59 22 Aug 10

Hi again, thanks everybody for coming to my rescue, and well needed. I have saved everything that I needed to on the DVD RW, but when I added something later to the disc it automatically erased which I had burnt previous, please explain what I am doing wrong, and yes it was in multi-session?
I would also like to add that I do also make a back up copy of everything on my pc to an Ext HDD, but this DVD is just for photos.

  eedcam 10:06 22 Aug 10

Did you use Dep burn if so first you choose dat dvd then multi session.When you have burned your files and come back to deep burner this time you should select data disc again and the next pop up has append session on it choose that. Rember unless you always intend to eventualy erase the disc there is no need to use RW's

  eedcam 10:07 22 Aug 10

Forgot when you choose append session a box will come up with the previous files

  robin_x 11:17 22 Aug 10

When all files on the dvd, dont forget to 'Finalise' it. Or you wont be ab;e to read it elsewhere.

And that will end the session.

Also consider dvd-rw discs, which can be un-finalised

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