Peter-200561 14:52 23 Dec 06

I bought some known mark DVD RW disks to back up my computer. For some reason my computer will not read them or allow any action to be performed. The DVD reader just clicks. Any other DVD works fine. Is there a problem with the RW format or have i a bum set of disks (10 i packet)
I have just tried a CD RW in the other drive and i have the same results.
Any advice welcomed.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:07 23 Dec 06

many of the brands of media aren't actually made by the company selling them. To find out who actually manufactured the media you can use DVD Identifier.
click here
Some of the best makes of media to try are Ritek G04/G05, Verbatim Metal AZO, Maxell and Taiyo Yuden.
The only recourse for power calibration errors with low quality media is to update the firmware for your drive and hope it works. Here's a link to the best firmware page to be found:
click here
If you've never flashed a drive before I highly suggest checking out the forums there and read up on the process before attemting anything.

  john-232317 15:16 23 Dec 06

Are they + or - and does your burner support which type they are ?

  Bill Baker 15:26 23 Dec 06

Just had a play with this program.
My Liteon discs are made by Philips, but my Philips discs are made by Ritek. Hmm...strange.

  Peter-200561 16:46 23 Dec 06

Thanks for replies.
DVD details Speed 4X RW.
Make of disks txeurope (.com).
Guess i will have to try other brand R disks?



  stylehurst 16:51 23 Dec 06

have you formatted the CDRWs or DVD RWs before attempting to use them?

  spud22 16:54 23 Dec 06

what program are you using to write to the disk .
What make of dvd WRiter have you.
And have you checked if they are r- or r +

  Ginge1980 17:50 23 Dec 06

I had problems with the 1st set of DVD RW's i bought, they were x4 speed - Turns out my DVD drive (Sony) doesn't support 4x RW discs.
I'd suggest try a different speed disc.

  Peter-200561 19:31 23 Dec 06

My DVD drive is HL DT STDVD-ROM GDR 8162B the make ?
Perhaps its the speed rating. I cannot access the disks to do any formating.
Thanks for input


  Ginge1980 20:00 23 Dec 06

This might help...
click here

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