dvd - rom won't recognise dvd's

  darkspark 10:57 18 Feb 04

I have recently aquired a Samsung SD-608B dvd-rom which recognises cd's ok but struggles to recognise dvd's. My o/s is Win98 SE. Any suggestions/solutions ??

  Rennaissance 10:59 18 Feb 04

what happens when you load a dvd?

  darkspark 11:39 18 Feb 04

Nothing - dvd "whirrs" round inside DVD-RoM and sounds as though it will pick up, sometimes it loads ok but 99% of the time it does nothing !

  OneSirKnight 11:45 18 Feb 04

did you get any dvd viewing software with your dvd-rom ? like win on dvd or power dvd? ,you need something like that to play your dvd's

  Jester2K 11:47 18 Feb 04

aquired = bought new or second hand??

DVD drive have two lasers. One to read CDs and one to read DVDs. Sounds like the DVD laser is faulty or dirty.

  ventanas 11:48 18 Feb 04

I don't think this is to do with playing. I had a similar problem a while back and had to change the drive. No problem with CD's but would only load dvd's when it felt like it. It could be a failed laser.

I assume you have tried more than one disc.

  ventanas 11:49 18 Feb 04

Sorry, not quick enough.

  darkspark 07:15 19 Feb 04

Won't even read data dvd's like those free with PC ADvisor.
Have tried more than one dvd disc.
Didn't know that there are two lasers.
Thanks to everyone !

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