DVD ROM reading problem

  Boy Zone 19:50 14 Mar 05

Good evening to you all.

Can someone please help. A friend of mine whose PC runs win 98SE, had a problem with Nortons 2003 AV, so he uninstalled this, all seemed fine, but now he can't read any CD 's that he wrote previous to uninstalling Nortons. He is able to read commercial made CD's.
Using what knowledge that I have, have tried to resolve this problem ,but it's now beyond my knowledge.
As is PC had not been formatted for over 5 years I decided to format and re-install all his software so he had a clean machine, but this did not resolve the issue of reading own made CD's.
PS he uses Easy creator 4, something which I'm not too familar with, but he likes it.

  howard60 20:10 14 Mar 05

have you tried any of his cds in another machine? If they are unreadable it would seem to be a problem with his cd prog writing in its own format. You would probably have to reinstall the cd writing software. Also he may have had it set to something like incd and this must be set for before the cds can be read.

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