SAH 22:11 02 Jan 03
  SAH 22:11 02 Jan 03

I recently bought my computer from Evesham and I'm fairly happy with it, there's only one thing that's really bugging me at the moment and that's my DVD ROM.
The manual states quite clearly that the DVD ROM has both a headphone socket & volume control, however the one installed on my machine does not.
When I contacted Evesham, they were very unhelpful, but suggested I check my hardware devices.
Can anyone tell me if it's necessary to have a headphone socket & volume control on a DVD ROM, as I've noticed that some PCs don't contain either. Also is this matter worth pursuing????

  Djohn 22:15 02 Jan 03

Must admit, I've just looked at my Toshiba DVD and that also has neither! But my Lite-on CDRW has both.

  northamuk 22:20 02 Jan 03

I have both, on the CD=ROM and DVD but have never used them. I understood that they don't actually work. I use the speaker/headphone socket at the rear with a doubler so that I can have speakers and/or headphones.

  Why Am I Here? 22:49 02 Jan 03

They are not necessary - all they allow you o do is play an audio cd without having to attach to a sound card. Waste of time really!!!

  SAH 23:06 02 Jan 03

Thanks for the info, don't think I'll be bothering Evesham on this occasion, just as well really cos there customer service was terrible!

  firstagent 23:41 02 Jan 03

I've found Evesham quite good.

Anyway, the headphone problem is sorted by buying a small splitter from Maplins etc which allows both headphones and speakers. Costs £2.99 or thereabouts.

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