DVD Rom and CD R/RW icons disappear

  Ganda 09:22 11 Mar 04

I have a 4 year old Gateway Plll 500 PC with a Hitachi GD5000 DVD/CD player and a Phillips CDD4201/81 R/RW. I am running Windows ME. I have 128mb Ram and a 20GB hard drive. Recently the icons for the two above drives have disappeared from the My Computer screen. The drives do not function when a CD is inserted either. I have tried reinstalling the driver from the Device Manager to no avail. Initially I was getting a Code 28 error message. Now I am getting a Code 10 error message.

Can anyone advise on how I recover these devices and get them functioning again. I am not highly technical so clear guidance would be helpful.

Thank you


  okijuh 09:40 11 Mar 04

I used to have this problem mate and it used to cure it for me if i simply pulled the IDE cables off then on a couple of times from the back of my drives and the motherboard. The only thing i could think it was was a dirty connection so if your PC is old then maybe it is 'cause mine was.

  okijuh 09:41 11 Mar 04

obviously you have to turn your PC off first but you know that, i'm sure. Anyway hope this cures it and it may happen again, as i say if it's old.

  Stuartli 09:59 11 Mar 04

Most likely cause is loose connections or leads as pointed out.

If you can see the drives listed in Device Manager whilst in Safe Mode this will be the cause.

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