dvd rom cable query

  Eargasm 22:10 26 Mar 04

Hi All
Been having probs with my dvd drive for the last week (pioneer dvd-rom 117) music cd's skipping tracks,dvd's not playing.
Tried allsorts from a previous post,however when looking in control panel/admin tools/event viewer/system, there were loads of errors all to do with cd rom,when viewing error messages it said "the driver detected a controller error on drive\cdrom0, when clicking link to microsoft support it says "this problem is typically caused by a failing cable between the drive and the computer",solution replace the cable.
Can anyone tell me where i can get a cable from,and what type,ie are they all standard.
Thanks Phil

  Paranoid Android 22:29 26 Mar 04

A standard IDE cable should do the trick, preferably ATA100 (80 wires).

click here

click here


  arricarry 22:38 26 Mar 04

Hello - the only cable that connects devices to the Mboard is a ribbon cable, You need to have a look at the present setup to see if there are 2 devices on the cable and get a new one of the same type. You can now get round cables too that do the same job. Loads of places on line or go to a Computer store.

  Eargasm 23:08 26 Mar 04

Thanks All
I will sort it in the morning (hopefully)

  Eargasm 20:32 28 Mar 04

Hi All
Purchased a cable from local computer shop £2.50p the man in the shop was convinced it wasen't a cable problem and tried to sell me a new drive,replaced the cable today and now it works a treat.
Thanks for all your help Phil

  Paranoid Android 21:51 28 Mar 04

? 2.50 is a very good price from a shop. Most would charge 5 times that amount.


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