spec 08 Dec 11

I purchased a dvd-wr recently (liteon) and it worked fine for about a month then started struggling to 'spin' the discs. The light comes on but eventually goes out. I have tried various discs to no avail. I use Wxp Pro, Intel dual cpu, and have 1G mem. Can anyone say if it's the drive itself or the PC causing the prob?.

Many thanks

  steve12345 08 Dec 11

If it's a new drive, I suggest you contact the shop and ask for a replacement. If it is a second hand drive, you probably got a worn out drive. You can try to contact the seller but probs easier to buy a new one.

CD/DVD drives do wear out after a while if they are used constantly. I have had several CD/DVD drives go out on me over the years.

  spec 08 Dec 11

Thanks Steve, as I say I have only had it a few weeks and not used it a great deal. I contacted the seller and was told to return it to them and they will return it to their seller. A total inconvenience for me and probably means I will have to purchase another one.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08 Dec 11

check cables are fully engaged at drive and motherboard end.

the person you sold it to you should replace immediately


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