maz2 14:52 26 Apr 04

Just switched my PC on and getting the following message at start up Master is incompatible, the light is permanently on and the drive will not open. I have to press F1 to bypass the drive to get the PC working. This is the secong time this had happened and the PC was new in December, I'm just going to phone the supplier but thought I would ask you before I phone in case they try to fob me off, any suggestions please

  moore_mat 14:54 26 Apr 04

Hi Maz2

All you can do is check the cables and ensure everything is plugged in correctly. Beyond that it's most likely to have failed.

Good luck


  maz2 15:00 26 Apr 04

Thanks for that I tried to switch on a couple of hours ago and had to bypass it, switched on again just now and everything working ok, it happened before a few months ago so I thought it was a bit suspicious but I can't understand why it doesn't happen every time

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