dvd rewriter problem

  joed185 14:06 04 Nov 04

I have just installed a freecom classic external dvd rewriter,but can only burn discs that can be played on my computer. I'm using a hp,pavillion 424 with windows xp home edition. Can anyone tell me how to burn discs that will play on my home dvd player.The cd wizard keeps telling me that it has no disc in drive H,even though I have put a disc in. Thanks Guys

  Salinger 14:14 04 Nov 04

You'll have to see what kinds of discs your DVD player will play and then see what kind(s) of disc your burner will make - even then the dvd player may not oblige! I know my Sanyo standalone says it can play DVD-R but if I burn one it won't play!

  pj123 14:32 04 Nov 04

What model freecom classic is this DVD burner? I can only see CD burners not DVDs?

  joed185 14:37 04 Nov 04

Hi pj123. It just says freecom classic-series. Salinger. My dvd player can usually play anything, I put into it. Thanks

  pj123 14:47 04 Nov 04

I wouldn't like to be quoted on this but I don't think you have a DVD rewriter. It looks like a CD rewriter to me.

  Salinger 14:48 04 Nov 04

I, too, would be more than interested in that!

  joed185 14:55 04 Nov 04

No pj123. It,s definately a DVD Rewriter. Bela, I have three standalone players.All of which won't play them. Pacific(2)different models,and one technika

  joed185 14:57 04 Nov 04

That's the exact model Bela

  joed185 15:16 04 Nov 04

dvd+rewriter.and dvd-rw. All players are capable of playing cd.s c-r/rw, mp3's. Pacific 1002,tehcnkia 300, amd pacific,No Model number

  joed185 17:39 04 Nov 04

why does my cd writing wizard tell me that there is no disc in the drive(H)when there clearly is,and can anyone help me solve this proble. All disc are brand new,and sealed before I use them. I'm using windows xp home edition. Also, would it be possible for me to disable my e-drive and use H-drive instead

  joed185 17:51 04 Nov 04

thanks crx1600. I have trie Roxio,but that don't work either. I haven't tried nero yet

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