DVD recording software problem

  Sparkly 17:16 06 Aug 04

I am using Sonic Record Now as my default DVD authering programm and this works fine i recently installed Xoom's Movie Clone Plus ever since installing the program it keeps freezing and a dialouge box appears saying Sonic's Direct CD needs updating as this is part of the other DVD authering program do you think the two programms are conflicting with each other and should i run just one DVD rewriting programm, I am running windows XP Home, 512mb of ram and 69 gbtys of free H/D space my DVD RW is a Teac DVD/CD-RW+ DV-W58E 40x read 32x write combo.

Burning software can conflict, I believe Nero & Easy CD Creator don't get along.

However, on my PC, I have Nero 5.5 & Sonic MyDVD/Record Now that came with my DVD burner and that seems to be OK.

I assume the Movie Clone software is for backing up your DVD's. I use DVD Shrink & DVD Decrypter (both free), for this and so far everything gets along fine.

  david4637 19:59 06 Aug 04

I could I please ask you how do you use Shrink & Decrypter? Thanks David

  SEASHANTY 20:29 06 Aug 04

The links to DVD Shrink & DVD Decrypter are on this Google page
click here

click here
for DVD Shrink with links to very good guides on use.
click here for DVD Decrypter guide.

Basically, DVD Shrink allows you to remove a lot of 'unwanted' extras from the original to achieve a reasonable amount of compression to get the movie onto a single DVD.

I had problems using it with Nero to burn the disc and found out through the guides, that DVD Decrypter could be used for the burning process.

This seems to work very well.

  Sans le Sou 22:42 06 Aug 04

DVD Shrink uses Nero as its default burner, maybe its version 6 of Nero. Anyhow you just bung in a blank when the draw opens to remove the original and it burns automatically.

  Sans le Sou 22:50 06 Aug 04

I have not yet found a disk that DVD Shrink cannot decrypt and have never had to use DVD decrypt, still handy if I do come across one at some time.

  Sans le Sou 23:01 06 Aug 04

With DVD shrink you can do either a "full disc" or do a reauthoring after removing any excess stuff. Shrink analyses your disk and displays the contents as a list. You can then decide what to keep in and what to discard, you get the hang of it with practice. I tend to just keep the "Main title" part and sling the rest.

  david4637 19:04 07 Aug 04

Thanks for the info on Shrink/Decrypter. David

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