dvd recorders

any thoughts on which is better - sony or panasonic both top of range with hard disc capacity of over 200gb. thanks

  alan227 19:37 03 Dec 04

I have got a Sony and no problems with it.

  ACOLYTE 19:42 03 Dec 04

i have pioneer 108 and to me its great but if you wont to pay for the name go ahead.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:12 03 Dec 04

I used to always buy Sony (for non HiFi at least) but the last four items I bought (Widescreen tv, AV amp, digital camera and shortwave radio) have all had problems and the customer service has been less than inspiring. I think Sony are trading on their good name at the moment - my DVD recorder is consequently a Panasonic and very good it is too:-)

  SEASHANTY 20:37 03 Dec 04

Two Panasonics and a JVC. One is the DMR-E85 with HDD. No problems with any so far. Also they support DVD-RAM which I use in lieu of VCR. RAM discs can be recorded over and over again up to 100,000 times v the RW discs approx 10,000
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