Dvd-r,dvd-rw,dvd+r,dvd+rw ???

  bryrach 21:08 18 Oct 03

Hi I just bought a new 30 gb Acer laptop today and it has a dvd burner. What I wan't sem to figure out what the difference is between -r/rw and +r/rw discs. Can anyone fill me in because at the moment I am unsure on buying discs as most shops only sell them in large amounts e.g. 25 and I don't want to buy 25 to find out that they don't work for what I want them for or are not compatible with my burner. Also can someone please tell me the estimated time it takes to copy a dvd movie. Thanks

  fitfella29 21:13 18 Oct 03

would help if u told us which dvd burner is in your laptop whether its a + or - or + & -.

  Chegs ® 22:23 18 Oct 03

Inspiron or Latitude model.Then we can find out what make/model of dvd burner it could have fitted.

  huddy1710 22:57 18 Oct 03

if ur dvd burner supports both +&- it doesnt matter what disc u buy, it only becomes important if u want to play them back on someone elses mc or dvd player.

  PA28 23:01 18 Oct 03

Don't think that copying a DVD movie is like copying a CD. The only thing that's similar is the issue of copyright.

Apart from copy protection, both in the disk and probably in your software, DVD movies are usually on double layer disks to accommodate around 8-9Gb of data. You're working with a single layer with a top whack of 4.7Gb. Like I said, it's not that simple and straightforward as you might think.......

  Pauper 09:47 19 Oct 03

bryrach, take a look at this link click here and also check out the 'related topics' on the right of the page they should give you all the information you need. If you have a browse through the rest of the site you will also find some very competitively priced products.

  WaiKent 09:51 19 Oct 03

whats the difference between the plus or minus?

  Pauper 10:50 19 Oct 03

Waikent - click here

  SEASHANTY 10:52 19 Oct 03

Two different systems - neither of which is compatible with the other. A little like VHS and BETAMAX.

  bryrach 19:44 19 Oct 03

Thanks so far. On my laptop there is a sticker decribing the specifications. It say 'DVD-RW'. DOes this mean it is a minus?

  bryrach 19:47 19 Oct 03

In System Information it says I have a 'MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-811'.Can this make backups (copies) of DVD movies.

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