DVD-RAM disk compatibility

  Catastrophe 08:12 04 Jan 05


I have long had a Panasonic DMR-E20 "under the tv" recorder and have had no problems.

Recently I bought a Panasonic LF-D101 internal DVD-RAM drive for a computer on E-Bay - no manual.

With the DMR I got 3 disks in Type 2 cartridges (those where the disk can be removed from the cartridge). Apart from other identical labelling* these disks have "video recording" printed on them.

With the LF I got one Type 1 cartridge/disk (disk cannot be removed from cartridge). This functions fine with the LF.

I recently bought some more Panasonic DVD-RAM disks and apart from other identical labelling* they have an additional "DVD-RAM" instead of "video recording". They are separate disks (no cartridge). When I put these in a Type 2 cartridge the LF gives a "not ready" message as if disks are not being seen. I have formatted these on the DMR and it makes no difference. I have tried those with computer data files - likewise.

Are these known to be incompatible / Is it one of those disk brand things (but ALL are Panasonic) or / am I missing something silly?

Any comments welcome. Thanks!

  Catastrophe 11:42 05 Jan 05


Thanks for the reply.

Supplied disk is 2.6 GB.

"from what i can find on google, the LF-D101 may be a 'first generation' drive."

Does this mean it won't take the other disks?

98SE goes:

Start\Programs\Panasonic DVD-RAM
DVD Agent
MPEG1 coder

Am I missing something?


  Catastrophe 15:39 05 Jan 05


Many thanks for your kind assistance.


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